Lift Chair Sizing

The Importance of Lift Chair sizing

Golden Technologies offers the widest selection of lift chair sizes available. From the very beginning we have understood that the size needs for someone 5′ small differ from someone that is 7′ tall, that’s why we build them all! Finding your perfect fit is important for Three Key Reasons:

  1. Comfort: a perfectly fit power lift recline chair will be your most comfortable option!

  2. Safety: if a lift chair is too big or too small, there is an increased risk of a fall when entering for exiting the chair. A perfectly fit lift chair will always be your safest option!

  3. Longevity: when a lift chair is too big or too small it can cause premature wear and tear on the chair. A perfectly fit lift chair will ensure you get the longest life out of your new chair! 

Finding your perfect fit is easy! Below you can download our handy Golden Lift Chair Sizing Guide and our helpful Golden Lift Chair Sizing Chart. These resources can help you narrow down your ideal fit to find the perfect chair to fit your needs. For expert help, you can always visit one of our authorized dealers in Canada by searching on our dealer locator and they will be happy to assist you in the sizing process. Once you determine your ideal size, you can browse our lift chair models by size below to select your new Golden power lift recliner!

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