Reverie Adjustable Foundations

Why Reverie?

Individual Position Control

Supreme Comfort

Wall Hugging Action

Reverie Adjustable Beds

Reverie-7S (Supreme)

The Reverie-7S (Supreme) is constructed with durable steel and corner retainer bars that keep the mattress conformed to the foundation in any position. Fine upholstery covers the steel whether the foundation is raised or flat, giving the bed a polished look that fits both modern and classic furniture tastes. And, you can control it from your mobile device!

Reverie-5D (Deluxe)

The Reverie-5D (Deluxe) adjustable foundation is instant comfort at your fingertips. Patented massage technology improves circulation, while the adjustable foot and head allow you to sink into comfort in a virtually unlimited array of positions, including the pre-set crowd favorites: “Anti-Snore” and “Zero Gravity.” Compatible with our Made for Mobile devices.

Reverie-3E (Essential Plug)

The Reverie-3E (Essential Plus) allows you to raise your head and feet into the relaxation or sleeping position of your choice. This customer favorite will fit your budget, too!

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Product Details Product Brochure

Product Details Product Brochure