MN: PR446

Inspired by the moon, the DeLuna™ Series of luxury lift recliners is designed to offer you the most calming comfort and restorative sleep.  The Dione is offered in both medium and large (coming soon!) sizes and features a stylish, overstuffed seamed back and plush chaise pad.  It comes standard with adjustable lumbar and headrest, programmable AutoDrive™ hand control and a USB charging port for your phone or tablet.  Also standard is our patented four-zone Comfort Zone positioning technology, which provides a stress-free and supportive reclining experience.

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*We cannot guarantee stock availability. Stock Fabrics reflect the quickest fabric options for this lift chair model. No fabric cross overs/customizations available on this model.









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Dione (PR-446) Sell Sheet

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Comfort Zone Sell Sheet

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